A Collection of my Dreams

Step by step, I'm breaking out of my own skin.

5 December 1987
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My self: I'm a relatively average person in many ways. Average height, slightly above average weight, a skin tone between white and brown, brown eyes, brown hair.... VERY AVERAGE. I like to write. In fact, I want to be a novelist once I finally move out of the house/dorms and start out on my life, but I'll need to have a day job. I would love to be given the opportunity to translate novels from Japanese into English (Japanese novels are SOOOO interesting!) but I need to get a lot more practice in and the market has to be right for that. Who knows where I'll go from there?

My journal: Just my random ramblings. For NOW, I'm mostly talking about my woes of writing, peppered with other thoughts that come to mind, as well as complaining about work and school in general. Every once in a while, I may get the feeling to write something deep or inspiring, but that's not likely to happen often. And also, my writing here had gone down considerably since I acquired a plurk account. Please don't hate me for this. I'm sorry! orz

Other things as of late:
-I write fanfiction, but I'm very slow. Lately, I've wanted to start on some Ace Attorney fanfiction. I'll let you know more about that later if I ever get around to it.
-I love gaming, and I'm a big supporter of Nintendo, but I do play PS systems and computer games sometimes. In fact, some of my favorite games are on PS2 (HUGE Persona fan!). I recently bought a PS3, but I'm letting my brother use it for now. It's hard to play big consoles while I'm at school anyway...
-I'm currently playing Star Ocean 2 and Pokemon Heart Gold. |D Yes, I play Pokemon and I like it!
-I recently had the urge to make my own Admiral ZEX plushie, but time is short for now. I'll tell you if I have any progress through my journal.
-Currently I'm watching Baccano! with my Mom, though we'll be on a short hiatus until second semester lets out. I want to start on One Piece with my mom sometime too. And then I also began watching Durarara! with my friend Kie. We JUST started, so I don't know much, but I'm LOVING IT!!
-I play Aigis (no_dont_go), Damon Gant (gargantuanlaugh) and Ilia Silvestri (avengingfists) at damned rpg. I also am the mun for Misaki Takahashi (usaginouke) at route_29. Both are AMAZING games with different types of storylines, speeds and playerbases, so if you ever get into RP, you should check out both since I highly recommend them! :D

Wanna be my friend?: Sure! Just add away! But I’m a little shy. *hides*

Extra notes: I like to overload myself with projects because I think a little stress in life is a good thing. As a result, I often don't finish things I start, like my fanfiction and such, but I always plan on finishing everything I start. Just maybe not within the scope of say a few years. lol

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