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Figured I'd post my manga list in case the one I have saved to my computer dies in a crash or virus or something. I'll try to keep this updated. If that seems to work, maybe I'll add on my anime lists. These are listed as either complete or incomplete, and then fall in alphabetical order by author.

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Feel free to post here if you either 1) have recommendations for me of a series not listed here or 2) would like me to give a synopsis/opinion of any manga series listed here that you either don't know or are unsure of reading/buying yourself.
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♫Look here I'm sorry, I can't afford a Ferrari, but that don't mean I can't get you there~♫

Hey all! 8D It's been a while! Just here to ramble a bit I guess. XD

I believe recently it was lady_angelina's birthday, right? Happy birthday sweetheart! <3 Sorry I'm a little late. Hey, hey! What would you like as a present??? :3c You got me an awesome book last time (which I still have to read /facepalms ) so I think something equally awesome is in order~

Uhh, don't have much to report news-wise for me. Had to drop out of Route again. Completely. 8< So no more Misaki or Iris, which is sad, but it is just too difficult to keep up with at this time. I traveled around a lot this summer, and who knows what'll be in the future, before school starts up again. I'll just keep working on handling Damned and Edensphere for now.

Recently started replaying Final Fantasy X. It's fun! Not quite old school yet, but still in the good range of FF games. :3 It's my favorite, at least~

Oh, also, I'm getting really close to catching up to the current happenings in Homestuck. This comic is HUGE! Over 5000 pages long! But I'm holding strong! Sadly, though, my favorite character died recently. :< It was tragic, but I guess he went out satisfying his greatest desire, so there's that. ^^; Won't say more, in fear of spoiling~ But I must say, it's a good comic. Very suspenseful, and surprisingly well-written. Don't knock it until you try it, and give it a good few tries before dropping it completely. It took me until the end of the first act to get into it, and now I'm in act 5, part 2! 8D It's really terrific! I wish I could write such a great "rebirth" story. :3

Anyway, that's it for now I guess~ See ya'll when I have something intelligent to say. |D
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♫If I could heal your wounds with words of love...♫

Is it just me, or is there just a bunch of... horrible things happening to all my loved ones recently?

I wish there was something I could do, but these don't seem to be problems I can solve with just words. All I can offer is kind thoughts. And that doesn't seem to be enough.
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Happy Unbirthday to Me!

Today was the first time I made a prose tag from my new iPhone. All I can say is HOW DID YOU DO IT LIKE THIS FOR SO LONG, ANGE???

Oh I guess I should also say that I was accepted as both Rock Lee in Edensphere and Misaki Takahashi in Route_29! \o/ Happy rp days this summer~

Only one more app to complete and submit. Also started to consider seriously dropping Gant from Damned. BUT NOT IMMEDIATELY! Still trying to give the old man a shot. If I can get him back up to pace in the next month and a half he may skip the chopping block. We shall see. I hope he survives but he's just incredibly hard to write. I do nice girls better than bad boys.


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♫Maybe you could take me in, somewhere underneath your skin♫

I made a musebox community if anyone wants to join with their character journals for practice with me! It's at matchboxstories.

Consider this my musebox for plots that are just... sorta random, that you may want to play out with me. If you want to play out something, JUST ASK! I'm sure I'd love to have fun with all of you! :3 Just... if you try to join with a random character journal I may not know, please be sure to pm me so I know it's you who's submitting that join request and not just some random stranger. ^^;;

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stand by me

♫Don't you know, you've been on my mind!♫

Been feeling really gloomy lately. So I made a Hinata account! (gloomywhitegaze)

All jokes aside, I need a vacation. Like burning. I'm so stressed over projects and my professors keep adding more and more homework like "YOU GUYS CAN HANDLE A LITTLE MORE RIGHT 8DDD" and we're all "..... /unsure"

I'm tired of homework. And tired of dealing with this roommate. And tired of having to work.

I want to work out. Play games. Write. Visit with friends.

Yeah.... but now for something completely different!!!

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